Why is this good for you, the fashion industry, and the planet?

Save water

It takes anywhere from 8,500 to 11,000 liters of water to make just 1 kg of cotton lint, the amount of material needed for a single pair of jeans. Not to mention the chemicals, energy, and petroleum products needed to produce and transport these materials across the globe.

Reduce waste

The EPA estimates that in the US market alone, over 85% of clothes end up in a landfill where they release methane as they decompose, which is roughly 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas than CO2. Dyes and other chemicals used in clothing can also leech into the ground.

Look good. Feel even better.

The Relooping fashion initiative is about consumers and companies working together to make high-quality clothes that are 100% reusable and more environmentally friendly.With no harmful chemicals added for the durability and softness, this new material makes you feel good inside out!