Wear. Recycle. Repeat.

Relooping Fashion

Save water

Every step we take towards sustainable development and styling aims at saving water for the next generations.

Reduce waste

The project brings on board the idea of reducing waste products from the various manufacturing processes.

Look good. Feel better.

Slide into the colored skins and attires that embellish your personality and redefines the vogue.

Why is this good for you, the fashion industry, and the planet?

All the elements contributing to this system work together to create wonders for the planet and the humans.

How are we doing this?

Multiple partners promote the initiative we have taken to foster a better culture and environment.


Who's taking part?






This is surely one of the best projects that offer great clothing styles and manufacturing trends.

Robert S Riley

What is The Relooping Fashion Initiative?

Old cotton clothes are recycled here to produce new fibers using VTT-developed technologies and less harmful chemicals.


Our project aims to introduce a sustainable clothing culture that allows everyone to have high-quality products.


Promoting the recycling of clothes to imbue the world with more hope and joy is the peak of all these efforts.


Saving the environment and humanity are goals we wish to achieve with our dynamic team of experts.

Meet our tEAM

Brandon M Houston

William F Jacobson

Jean P Wachter

Shane L Wright

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